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Personal Insurance

Have you ever considered what matters the most to you in life? It could be a person, your car, your home, or even a precious heirloom. We understand how important these things are to you, and we are here to help you protect them. We believe that nothing should hold you back from living your best life, our comprehensive insurance solutions inspires you to keep moving forward with confidence. Protect your most valuable personal possessions and live fearlessly.

How important is your car to you? Car accidents happen, sometimes unexpectedly but having the right amount of auto insurance can benefit you in many ways. Even if you have found yourself in need of a new policy to begin driving again due to a past DUI, having the right auto insurance policy is critical to getting you back on the road quickly. Ensure that you are insured behind the wheel and call us today.

If someone got injured while on your property, would your policy cover you? Or if your home were damaged or suddenly destroyed, would your current policy offer enough coverage to get your life back on track? Every homeowners insurance policy is different but most policies provide coverage for your property or dwelling, other structures, personal property, and loss of use if you can’t live in your home following a covered loss.

Renter’s insurance protects your personal property in the event of a theft or other natural disasters. Because your landlord’s policy will not cover your furniture and electronics, this coverage not only protects your personal belongings but it also covers you from having to come out of pocket for the cost of any accidental damage you might have caused to the rental property as well as for lawsuits arising.

An umbrella policy protects you in liability situations where your primary policies are insufficient. This policy is the best way to ensure that all your assets are protected above and beyond. An umbrella policy may increase the dollar limit of liability coverage for your primary policies or may even cover claims excluded by your primary policies.

Recreational vehicle insurance covers many of the similar risks that auto insurance does plus additional coverage for your personal belongings on board, equipment, and attached accessories depending on the coverages you choose. RVs can range from motorhomes and camper vans to bus conversions.

If you drive it, we can insure it! We have packages that will cover your customization and personal effects so you can enjoy the ride.

Watercraft Insurance covers you in the event of a loss or damage to your watercraft. Although coverage for your watercraft can be found under your homeowner’s policy, it is very limited.

Running a business is already a major responsibility that can involve many risks. CGL is a broad commercial policy that covers general liability exposures of a business. CGL may include product liability, completed operations, premises and operations, as well as personal and advertising injury.

Business auto insurance covers your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them. Whether your company takes trips across the country or provide local deliveries, accidents do happen! Business auto insurance provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury liability the policyholder causes to someone else when operating a company automobile.

What better way to let your employees know that you have their back in the event they are injured while performing their job? Workers’ compensation pays for medical care and physical rehabilitation of employees that are injured while at work. When employees are unable to work, workers’ comp provides lost wages while they heal and recover from a work-related injury or illness. Without a workers’ comp policy in place, injured employees could come after their employer, adding expensive legal fees to the cost of their care.

Professional liability insurance also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance protects company’s that offer professional services or products from the high cost of lawsuits arising from simple mistakes made. E&O is a requirement for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, etc.

BOPs are primarily for small businesses with low risk exposure. BOP combines property and liability coverage into one policy but it doesn’t cover all of the risks you may face as you operate your business.

Commercial property insurance protects your company’s physical assets from fire, explosions, storms, theft, and vandalism. The policy covers your building, everything in it, and outside of it including furniture and signs.

EPL protects your company from employee-initiated lawsuits, including allegations of harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Commercial umbrella protects your company’s assets by providing liability limits above and beyond your other policies.

We recognize the value of your enterprise and are committed to supporting your business needs. With our extensive range of commercial insurance solutions, we provide you with comprehensive protection against various risks. We understand the significance of safeguarding your livelihood, and pledge to support you in sustaining your operations.








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